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About XSGames

Frank Eno - Game developer, artist, musician, writer, creator of the Mystery Box™ video game series

In 2019, Frank Eno founded XSGames, drawing on his experience as a web and mobile app developer since 2013. After leaving his previous startup, Frank was finally able to pursue his lifelong passion of crafting puzzle games.

In 2020, he created the first chapter of the Mystery Box™ game series, called Hidden Secrets, followed by Mystery Box: Evolution a few months later.

In 2023, he released the fourth chapter, Mystery Box: The Journey

Frank Eno is not only a game developer, but also an artist, musician, and writer, whose inspirations include gamebooks such as "Lone Wolf" and video games like "100 Doors" and "50 Rooms".

He strives to create immersive mobile and VR experiences where players can explore detailed objects and solve tactile puzzles in a compelling mystery.

In addition to developing games, Frank also published his first interactive book in 2021 called Enigma, which sold over 150 copies on Amazon in just the first three months.

His ultimate mission is to continue providing engaging escape room games in the future, so stay tuned for more exciting updates on Twitter and Instagram