Sep 5, 2022

How to easily draw and edit Beizer curves in Blender

Draw and edit Beizer curves in Blender

Here are the steps to create beizer curves in Blender and edit them like vector images:

  • Click Add -> Curve -> Beizer
  • Click TAB on your keyboard to switch to Edit Mode, then hit X and select the Vertices option to delete the curve's vertices and be able to freely draw your own line
  • Switch to Z axis and select the Draw tool from the toolbar
  • Draw your line as you wish, and release the left mouse button when you're done
  • Open the Curve pane on the right side, expand the Geometry tab and increase the Depth value in the Bevel tab as you wish
  • Now you can use the Transform tool to edit each curve like if they were vectors on Adobe Illustrator, rotating or moving their handles as you wish
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