The Da Vinci Cryptex 2

Release date: Oct 29, 2023

The game

Test your IQ and gain your freedom by solving 50 new exciting riddles in this sequel of the enigmatic Da Vinci's Room!

Trapped in a room once again, crack logical enigmas written in a book to escape the room

Find the answers, unlock the Cryptex, and see what awaits you in the next level!

"The Da Vinci Cryptex 2" is a brainteasing free game consisting of 50 unique new handwritten riddles.

The more you go on, the harder to solve the puzzles

So, how many enigmas can you actually crack?

Warning: this IQ game may be addictive!


- 50 unique handcrafted puzzles
- Hints available (with the bulb button)
- Immersive graphics
- Captivating background music

If you love puzzles, word games, brain thinking, mind games, logic riddles, and enigmas, you'll have so much fun with "The Da Vinci Cryptex 2"