Release date: Jul 5, 2023

The game

Test your abilities and take on the challenge of conquering all 50 levels!

The goal of Portals: Escape The Infinity is straightforward yet enthralling. Utilize your remarkable intellect to activate each of the 50 portals and advance to the next level through teleportation. To achieve this, search for hidden objects, solve cunning puzzles, and think creatively.

Don't hesitate any longer—give this new point-and-click puzzle game a try and play for free today!

Encountering challenges with the puzzles or have ideas for enhancing the game? Connect with me on my social media platforms or website for support and feedback.


- Engaging brain-teasing puzzles
- Point-and-click game mechanics
- Sleek and minimalistic design
- Intuitive gameplay
- Helpful hints for when you're stuck